The man responsible for the design of stunning cars like the new Jaguar F-Type and the original Aston Martin Vanquish, Ian Callum, like many in the industry, has an appreciation for the cars of yesteryear.

Many classic cars have a purity that’s often hard to find in modern cars, and for a designer like Callum that trait is probably easy to spot.

Little wonder then that when it comes to Callum’s own classic car pursuits, a Jaguar MKII fits the bill.

One of the most timeless and quintessentially British designs of any car from the past 50 years, the Jaguar MKII is a much sought-after classic and a beautiful piece to add to any collection. But for Callum, an ordinary MKII just won’t do.

That’s why he’s commissioned the build of a very special example at Classic Motor Cars, of Bridgnorth, England. The design specification for the car, which will also involve some fundamental engineering changes, is currently being put together by Callum and the crew at CMC.

“This is the first classic Jaguar I have ever owned,” Callum said in a statement. “I have greatly admired the Jaguar MKII since I was a boy. Now I have the chance to ‘build’ one to my exact design specifications.”

Though he acknowledges that the MkII is one of the most beautiful sedans ever produced, being the designer that he is, Callum wanted a few changes. Some of the areas he will be tweaking will include the stance of the car, simplifying some of the external trim pieces and adding a few new touches to the interior.

We’ll bring you an update as the project continues to take shape.