With Mercedes-Benz’s go-fast division AMG moving towards all-wheel-drive vehicles, we’re going to start seeing the option offered on more and more of its models.

While we've even seen AMG make all-wheel drive standard on its latest 2014 E63 AMG for customers in the U.S., adding the option to other models, like the next-generation C63 AMG, is not a foregone conclusion.

The new C63 AMG has already been spied testing in prototype form and is expected to debut next year as a 2015 model.

Speaking with Auto Express, AMG powertrain engineering manager Jorg Gindele revealed that an all-wheel-drive version was under consideration and that a prototype had already been built.

Gindele went on to reveal that a final decision on an all-wheel-drive C63 AMG would need to come from Mercedes' board of management. Given the excitement surrounding the new all-wheel-drive E63 AMG, we figure the car will be given the green light.

AMG’s version of 4MATIC all-wheel drive for front-engined, rear-wheel-drive configurations features a permanent 33-67 front-rear torque split. The beauty of the system is that it only adds around 150 pounds to the weight of a car.

For its front-wheel-drive-based models, like the new A45 AMG and upcoming CLA45 AMG, the torque split is 50-50 and most of the time full torque is sent to the front wheels only. This is in order to improve fuel economy.

Other all-wheel-drive vehicles hinted at by Gindele were the upcoming 2014 S63 AMG and 2014 GLA45 AMG.

One other tidbit revealed in the interview was the possibility of a Black Series version of the E63 AMG towards the end of the current model’s life. With the regular model already producing up to 577 horsepower in its S-Model trim, expect any E63 AMG Black Series model to be pushing close to 600 horses--just the kind of insanity you’d expect from any vehicle badged a Black Series.