Acura is slow-roasting the next-generation NSX to perfection, and if this latest concept is any indication, the wait just might be worth it.

While the exterior of this latest concept isn't dramatically different from the previous concept car, there are a few key differences. The lines have been streamlined, the bumpers have been tweaked, and there are some new carbon-fiber exterior trim bits.

Most importantly, there's now an interior. We like the plush materials as well as the carbon fiber trim. The overall design is clutter-free, and the shifter has a unique pushbutton design. Acura said there will be a touch-screen interface in the production NSX that will handle many of the driver inputs.

A quick refresher as to what we know so far about the powertrain: It will be a hybrid setup with with a gasoline V-6 engine mounted in a mid-engine position. The transmission will be a seven-speed dual-clutch, and there will be three electric motors. Two will be powering the front wheels while the third will be integrated into the transmission.

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