In it’s most elemental form, a rotary printing press consists of a cylinder that’s coated with ink, rolling across a sheet of paper. Though neither economical nor practical, it’s entirely possible to turn a car into a printing press, once you engineer a solution to spray the cylinder (or in this case, tire) with ink.

To promote the new BMW M6, the German automaker did just that, enlisting the help of color printing specialist Classic Color, along with Toyo Ink, Sappi Fine Paper and Blackhawk Farms Raceway. The idea was simple: use the BMW M6 to create suitable-for-framing prints that would then be mailed to fans of the BMW M brand.

Since ink doesn’t exactly add traction, and since paper doesn’t offer up the same grip as asphalt, driver Matt Mullins didn’t exactly know what he was getting himself into. As the chief instructor for BMW’s Performance Driving School, however, Mullins knows a thing or two about handling a car in sub-optimal traction conditions.

In the end, the stunt was successful, creating enough M6-autographed prints for BMW USA to mail to thousands of its customers and fans. While we don’t see the new M6 catching on as a printing press, we’re sure its better suited to amusing those lucky enough to park one in their garage.

Thanks to Automotive Addicts for the tip on this video!