Porsche’s 918 hybrid supercar is on track for delivery to customers in late 2013. While we’ve only seen a glimpse of the production-ready street version, Porsche hasn’t been shy about releasing images and video of the 918 in various racing liveries.

Early cars were shown in a silver and orange paint scheme that was vaguely reminiscent of the turquoise and orange Gulf Porsche livery, made famous by the Porsche 917 in the early 1970s.

Next up was a plain white-on-matte-black livery, which didn’t tie to any historic Porsche racing car that we could name. This was soon followed by a white 918, striped in the classic blue and red Martini Racing livery, which graced everything from Porsche 917s to Porsche 911s (usually on a silver background).

Now, a new video from Youtube user MiNi DDcrew shows yet another color scheme on the 918, again linked to a well-known Porsche 917. In 1970, Martini Racing ran a 917 at Watkins Glen that was sprayed in in a wavy green-on-blue pattern, and the car quickly became known as the “psychedelic” Porsche 917.

The new video footage shows the 918 in a very similar color scheme, featuring shades of gray instead of blues and greens. We’re impressed by the number of cars Porsche is honoring with the 918, and we can’t wait to see what’s next in line.

Frankly, we’re hoping for another “Pink Pig,” the affectionate name for a 917 sprayed pink and marked with a three-dimensional butcher’s map of a pig. Intended as a joke by the Porsche mechanics who assembled the car (which is also known as Bertha The Pig), the car has become one of the most iconic 917s in the world.