Considering there were only 375 McLaren P1s ever built, and that such rare cars are barely driven by their owners, you wouldn’t expect to see too many of them involved in serious crashes. That isn’t the case however as we now have news of the second P1 involved in a serious crash. The first took place roughly one year ago in Dallas, Texas. The latest happened recently in the nation’s capital.

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Photos of a wrecked bright orange example have turned up on several social media sites, including Reddit. It’s alleged the car was driven by a friend of the owner, who was out of the country at the time.

It’s hard to tell what happened from this single image of the wrecked car loaded on a flatbed but it looks like there’s no serious mechanical damage, assuming the impact only affected the visible side of the car. Much of the door remains intact, too, so perhaps the crucial monocoque chassis remains sound. In any case, it looks like the car is repairable.


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