In the United States, the best selling Land Rover and Range Rover model is the Range Rover Sport. The current model, based on the Discovery, is due to be phased out, replaced by a new Sport model based on the upcoming Range Rover.

Jaguar Land Rover knows to tread carefully here, as making too many changes will have a negative impact on sales. Expect a similar family resemblance, but now with an available third-row seat for seven-passenger capability and aluminum construction (shared with the new Range Rover) for less weight.

Less weight means better performance (one are where the current Range Rover Sport, especially in supercharged form, is hardly lacking), but also lower emissions and better fuel economy. Current Range Rover Sport models are often criticized for being thirsty beasts, so any significant gains here are welcome.

For those looking to maximize fuel economy, a diesel hybrid version of the Sport will join the planned diesel hybrid Range Rover in the lineup. Whatcar quotes project engineers as saying the next Range Rover Sport will be more luxurious and more agile, with more “car-like” road manners than its predecessor. There's even talk of a long-wheelbase model, aimed primarily at the Chinese market.

Land Rover wants to be the public’s “SUV brand of choice,” by building a “car for all reasons, fit for every purpose.” With seven seat-capability and better fuel economy, the revised Range Rover Sport should be able to take on the Audi Q7, giving luxury SUV buyers one more choice on their shopping lists.