Honda has launched a cryptic teaser video on its Japanese website that flashes several images of the CR-Z and the date September 9. We know that’s the date of the opening press day of the 2012 Paris Auto Show, so it’s likely Honda will unveil an updated version of the CR-Z at the event.

The video gives us a glimpse of one of the CR-Z’s headlights, as well as a new wheel pattern. However, the biggest surprise is a new button marked “S+” located inside the cabin.

There’s no way to tell what the new button is for, though traditionally a button with an S on it means sports. And we all know the CR-Z is definitely a model that could do with a little sports boost.

Despite its somewhat sporty styling, the CR-Z isn't all that speedy, with its hybrid drivetrain delivering a peak output of just 122 horsepower and accelerating the vehicle from 0-60 mph in around 10 seconds when equipped with a CVT, or a second or two faster with a manual.

There’s been speculation that a more powerful version of the CR-Z’s hybrid drivetrain may be developed, with a little help from Honda’s official tuner, Mugen, though it’s more likely that the new button will simply improve suspension settings and throttle response for a slightly sportier drive.

Stay tuned for an update.