Acura’s new NSX is on track for a sales launch within the next three years, but the showroom won’t be the only place where the advanced hybrid supercar will be making a splash. The latest word is that Acura is planning to take its new NSX racing, and the recent announcement of a merger between Grand Am and the American Le Mans Series (ALMS) could be the perfect platform to launch the new car’s motorsports career.

Of course, previous generations of the NSX weren’t strangers to the race track, with the first generation competing for years in various racing formats around the world and a planned successor, whose development was nixed before completion, even entered in Japan’s Super GT series.

Now, based on comments from Steve Eriksen, the chief of Honda Performance Development (HPD), the Ohio-based Honda division responsible for developing the new NSX, Speed is reporting that the Acura NSX will be entered into some form of GT racing, potentially as early as 2014.  

“We're studying the various series and seeing what would make the most sense,” Eriksen said. “There's certainly regional series that have been traditional NSX venues. Honda has raced in Super GT for years and in the past has been NSX-based.”

Eriksen went on to explain that Le Mans, specifically ALMS, would make the most sense, though any involvement would depend on the outcome of the Grand Am and ALMS merger.

Another issue would be determining if the racing version of the NSX sticks with the production version’s hybrid drivetrain or swaps to a conventional powerplant. While Grand Am has announced new alternative drivetrain categories, current Le Mans GTE rules don’t allow them. Again, HPD would have to wait and see how the new regulations for Grand Am and ALMS turn out.

But the story doesn’t end there. Should the new NSX be developed for motorsport, HPD will also need to decide if the cars are raced through factory-backed teams or if customer teams are supported. Eriksen revealed that past success with the sales of customer race cars could lead to the new NSX being sold in racing trim to private customers.