If you believe Red Bull Racing, Formula One will come to the streets of Weehawken, New Jersey, in June of 2013. If you believe Bernie Ecclestone, there won’t be a race in the shadow of New York City until 2014, as the proposed street course needs a considerable amount of development before F1 cars can safely run there.

To drum up support for the New Jersey-based Grand Prix of America, Red Bull Racing sent its 2011 Constructor’s Championship-winning RB7 and driver David Coulthard on a goodwill tour of New Jersey, kicking it off with a stunning rendition of The Star Spangled Banner, as performed by the RB7 F1 car.

Next up was a run through the (bumpy) streets of Weehawken, which only seems to validate Ecclestone’s belief that the course won’t be ready in time. Coulthard made the obligatory visit to New York via the Lincoln Tunnel, raising the question of where you’d mount an EZ-Pass transceiver on an F1 car.

Whether the race happens next year or not, the footage is well shot and perfectly edited. We suggest you take your own New Jersey vacation by maximizing the video, selecting 1080p resolution and turning up the sound to hear the RB7 in all its glory.