A 20-year-old man crashed a white Ferrari California in the Russian city of Samara earlier this week, with the pricey sports car ending up in a barrier shielding off a construction site. According to its driver, the accident occurred when he tried to avoid a pedestrian that suddenly stepped onto the road.

The car did not belong to the man who crashed it but was loaned to him for a test drive. A man working for the dealership that loaned the car was sitting in the passenger seat at the time of the crash.

Fortunately, no injuries were reported and the damage, at least from what we can tell, appears to be minor. Had there been a heavy object behind the barrier, the damage to the car, and possibly to its occupants, could have been much worse.

According to an article on Russian website Vninform, which was first picked up by the guys at GTSpirit, the Ferrari California sells for approximately $407,000 in Russia.