The Audi Sport Quattro was introduced in 1985 as the automaker’s entry into the much revered Group B class of the World Rally Championship. Compared to the road-going Quattro Coupe, the Audi Sport’s most noticeable feature was a wheelbase shortened by  over 12 inches.

To save weight, the body shell was crafted of carbon fiber and Kevlar, and Wikipedia says that original Audi Sport Quattro competition models made some 444 horsepower from their turbocharged, 2.1-liter five-cylinder engines.

Later variants were tuned to produce significantly more output, and Sport Quattro S1 E2 models left the factory with as much as 591 horsepower (before tuners got their hands on them). In 1987, Walter Roehrl won the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb in an Audi S1 with a time of 10:47.85.

KEM Racing (short for Keith Edwards Motors) runs an Audi Sport Quattro with a Pikes Peak body in U.K. hill climb competition. The car reportedly produces some 850 horsepower in current trim, which would make it a handful to drive on the tight and unforgiving roads found on the Isle of Man.

Critics of the video have panned Edwards for not driving hard enough, but we know that speed is deceptive. What looks slow from a cockpit-mounted camera tends to be fast, particularly when you’re driving an irreplaceable car on roads with no margin for error. We say the video is worth watching for the sound alone, so turn up the volume and enjoy.