Just a week after a very mysterious Lexus LFA prototype was spotted at the Nürburgring, a second example, with similar markings, has now been spotted on some of the German race track’s surrounding streets and entering a nearby facility owned by Toyota.

This second prototype, covered in a bright green finish rather than the bright blue we saw earlier, has a few subtle differences and looks more like the regular production LFA, albeit the high-performance Nürburgring Edition.

As we can clearly see in this video produced by TouriClips, the green prototype sports the LFA’s regular three-pipe, triangular exhaust pipe design instead of the four-pipe arrangement on the blue example.

The green car also features one less intake on the hood and the letters “AD-B” on its flanks. The blue car’s lettering read “AD-A”.

Second mystery Lexus LFA prototype spy shots

Second mystery Lexus LFA prototype spy shots

No official details on either car are yet to be released. However, as we confirmed in our previous report, the cars are not part of the Cologne-based Toyota Motorsports GmbH division, which was recently reported to be the newest official tuning partner of Toyota and Lexus.

The license plates on the blue example was also confirmed to be manufacturer plates of Toyota Europe, though when contacted a spokesman stated the company did not comment on future product plans.

At its launch in late 2009 Lexus confirmed the LFA would be limited to just 500 units in total and that the cars would be painstakingly assembled at the rate of just 20 per month. At that rate, production of the LFA is slated to end in December of this year.

This has led many to believe that a special ‘Final Edition’ model could be in the works. We're also hearing the prototypes could be testing some performance modifications that may eventually be offered to existing customers of the LFA, like what Toyota is doing with its GT 86.

Mystery Lexus LFA prototype spy shots

Mystery Lexus LFA prototype spy shots

Whatever it is, we hope Lexus can manage to wring out more power from the LFA’s 4.8-liter V-10 engine and improve the shift times of its six-speed sequential transmission.

Throw in a revised suspension setup and we may just see a LFA capable of lapping the Nürburgring-Nordschleife even quicker than the impressive 7:14.64 set by the Nürburgring Edition.

Stay tuned for an update.