Rumors, gossip, silly fights--if it weren't for the winged cars and the racing suits, Formula 1 might be mistaken for the Real Housewives of Some Rich County. The latest gossip on the rounds? Sebastian Vettel's transfer from Red Bull to Ferrari in 2014.

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Ferrari chief Stefano Domenicali fanned the flames of previous speculation last week, stating his opinion that Vettel and current Ferrari F1 driver Fernando Alonso would work well together. Today, SpeedTV reports that F1 journalist Giorgio Terruzzi, speaking on Italian TV channel Italia1, says we'll get to see for real--in 2014.

The rumored Vettel-Ferrari deal would see the two-time driver's champion join the Scuderia for a three-year stint, running through the 2016 season. Before that happens, however, Terruzzi claims Mark Webber could take Felipe Massa's seat at Ferrari as early as next season, though he'd only be there for a year if that were to happen and Vettel should follow.

At this point, we consider the news to be, at best, a leak of a proposed deal, given that contractual obligations between Vettel and Red Bull remain in effect. At worst, it's yet more paddock gossamer, weaved from nothing more than innuendo and intuition.

It would be unsurprising if Vettel were to move to Ferrari at some point, however, as the young German has previously expressed his interest in the team while simultaneously affirming his commitment to Red Bull and its promotion of his career.