If you’re a fan of IndyCar racing, there will soon be one more reason to download Simraceway: Dario Franchitti has been consulting on an IndyCar version of the PC-based racing simulator.

When the sim is released, it will feature all current IZOD IndyCar and Firestone Indy Lights teams, running full-field grids on tracks accurate down to the last millimeter. To ensure that competitors are evenly matched, Simraceway is using the IndyCar sim to showcase its latest technology, called “Skillquant.”

Skillquant matches players by their demonstrated ability, making the online racing experience both more competitive and more enjoyable. Anyone who’s ever raced against significantly more skilled drivers online knows how much fun it isn’t to go multiple laps down in a race, and Skillquant should help eliminate that problem.

Franchitti worked with Simraceway’s head of racing physics, Nico Rondet, to carry on simulator testing begun by the late Dan Wheldon. Simraceway was even lucky enough to get Franchitti’s help after climbing out of his actual DW12 IndyCar, ensuring that his memories of the car’s performance were accurate.

How accurate? Franchitti was able to lap the virtual Infineon Raceway within 0.05 seconds of his actual lap time in his Target Chip Ganassi IndyCar.

Another goal for the IndyCar sim was consistency, specifically as it relates to tire slip angle. Unlike other racing sims, this won’t allow you to drift a car through a corner without scrubbing off speed. In the real world, drifting a car may look cool, but it doesn’t produce the fastest lap times.

While bringing in new players is important, that’s far from the only goal of this sim. As Rondet explains, “Ultimately, I would be very proud of our team if we were so close that the Izod IndyCar drivers and teams were to use our simulator to prepare and develop set-ups for their upcoming races.”

There’s no word yet on when the IndyCar sim will be available form Simraceway, but we promise to keep you posted on its development.