The Caterham name may not be all that familiar in the U.S. but over in Europe Caterham is well known for manufacturing a range of lightweight track cars built around the classic Lotus Seven chassis.

More recently the British firm has been expanding into the road car business with the launch of its new CTI division, building new track cars like the SP/300.R, and strengthening its position in the world of Formula 1 racing.

Caterham has now announced that the CEO of its car manufacturing business, Ansar Ali, has resigned by mutual consent.

He will be replaced by Graham Macdonald, who is being promoted from his current role as CFO.

Ali leaves his post as CEO after leading Caterham following a management buy-in which assumed control of the business in 2005 from the Nearn family who originally founded the brand. A former Lotus executive, Ali oversaw a program which initiated a fundamental shift in the engineering focus of the business, a move which helped revitalize the legendary Seven range.

Speaking at the announcement of Ali’s resignation, Caterham chairman Tony Fernandes said, “I want to take this chance to thank Ansar for everything he has done for the Caterham brand over many years. Without his leadership Caterham would not be the world renowned, profitable business it is today and we would almost certainly not be working under the Caterham name if he had not initiated the discussions with us that led to the enviable position Caterham finds itself in today.”

It’s unclear what new challenges Ali will be undertaking in the future, but with his former employer Lotus now without a CEO it wouldn’t be surprising to see him return to his old stomping ground.


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