Rally is dangerous. This is known. But when the danger becomes reality and it's captured on video, it's spectacular--especially when the driver and navigator come away unscathed. This crash, with Nicolas Diaz at the wheel of a Ford Fiesta rally car during the Rally de Catamarca in Argentina, highlights both the danger and the spectacle.

It also highlights the incredible level of occupant protection of modern rally cars: both Diaz and co-driver Luis Allende walked away from the accident.

As for the cause of the crash, according to Motorpasión, the team says a brake failure at more than 60 mph around a mountainside curve caused the car to continue on straight, carwheeling with the throttle wide open into a small valley filled with spectators. Fortunately none of the onlookers were involved in the accident.

You can see the accident in the video above, and the aftermath in the video below.