The appeal of running exotic supercars against military aircraft never seems to get stale, and in recent years we’ve seen the Spyker F1, the Bugatti Veyron and the Lamborghini Reventon throw down against various fighter aircraft. We've even seen Top Gear USA pit a Dodge Viper against an attack helicopter, though not in an outright drag race.

The net result is usually this: the supercar is much quicker off the line, and quicker down much of the airport runway. As a fighter jet builds speed and gains lift, however, the ultimate nod generally goes to the fighter aircraft.

Despite the predictable outcome, Danish auto magazine Bil Magasinet still opted for this photogenic and video-friendly race between a Lamborghini Aventador and an F16 fighter aircraft, held at the Aalborg Air Base. Despite the wet conditions, the Aventador held its own down much of the runway, before the Italian supercar's 700 horsepower lost out to the fighter aircraft's 28,600 pounds of thrust.

The Danish website is calling the race a draw, but we suppose that’s entirely based on perspective. In a short race, the nod goes to the Aventador; in a long race, the nod goes to the F16. Which is faster depends entirely on how much runway you’re offering up.