Last weekend California’s Laguna Seca race track played host to the American leg of the Ferrari Racing Days, an event where avid race fans, including those in Ferrari’s own Corse Clienti program, congregate in order to race some of the most of the most sought-after cars on the planet.

As we saw yesterday, one driver managed to set an unofficial Laguna Seca lap record of 1:05.78 behind the wheel of an ex-Rubens Barichello Ferrari F2003 GA Formula 1 car.

Another driver participating at the recent Ferrari Racing Days event and driving a Ferrari 458 Challenge race car wasn’t so fortunate, however.

As this video footage reveals, Laguna Seca’s infamous corkscrew has claimed another victim.

Coming into the turn with too much speed, a silver 458 loses traction and begins to slide sideways before hitting a bump and flipping into the air and crashing into a barrier. The car finally comes to rest on the barrier, upside down. 

Fortunately, the driver only suffered a few bruises and was able to walk away from the crash. We’re sure he’ll be back the next time the Ferrari Racing Days is in action.

Thanks John for sending in the tip!