Last month we told you that Aerosmith front man and American Idol judge Steven Tyler had ordered himself a Hennessey Venom GT Spyder, the roofless version of Hennessey’s Venom GT supercar.

Said to come with variable output of 800, 1,000 or 1,200 horsepower, Tyler’s car should be fast enough to quickly convert those meaty rear tires into expensive clouds of smoke, providing ample entertainment in the process. We’re still trying, without success, to wrap our heads around a car whose valet setting still puts out 800 horsepower.

While Hennessey never says it’s Tyler’s car on the dyno in the video, the timing seems just about right. The rock star’s car is set to be delivered later this month, and we can’t imagine too many others have ponied up the $1.1 million asking price of the car.

We’re a little disturbed that Hennessey didn’t show us the dyno numbers, since that’s really the whole point of filming a dyno pull in the first place. Call us paranoid, but we’re wondering whether or not the car is hitting its claimed horsepower numbers; it it were exceeding them, we’d certainly see that filmed in the video.

We can think of plenty of upsides to building and selling the Hennessey Venom GT and GT Spyder, but it’s not all glamour, either. We wouldn’t want to be the employee tasked with calling Steven Tyler to say, “sorry, your delivery date will be pushed back since your car still needs tuning work.” If that’s the case, of course.