Steven Tyler may well be the hardest working man in show business. When the 64-year-old singer isn’t fronting Aerosmith (which is gearing up for another tour this summer), he’s one of the judges on American Idol.

In between is the occasional solo project, new Aerosmith recording or guest TV appearance, which doesn’t leave much downtime for Tyler. It’s no secret that he likes both bikes and fast cars, so his latest purchase ensures maximum enjoyment in what little free time he has.

A Hennessey Venom seemed like a reasonable choice, but Inside Line reports that Tyler  wanted “something special.’ A phone call to John Hennessey was all it took, and the build of Tyler’s custom Hennessey Venom GT Spyder, the targa roof equivalent of the Venom GT Coupe, was underway.

Tyler’s car will come with the standard powertrain, which is a twin-turbo 427-cubic-inch engine with three power settings, including “mild” (a mere 800 horsepower), “just right” (1,000 horsepower) and “extra spicy” (1,200 horsepower). That’s bolted to a six-speed manual gearbox, and the Venom GT Spyder comes with much-needed traction control and stability control.

It will also come with a custom audio system to be tuned by David Frangioni, CEO of Audio One and a former audio engineer for Aerosmith. The interior will be black leather, offset by red accent stitching.

Tyler will take delivery of the car around the time that American Idol wraps for the season. The price for that much power and exclusivity? A cool $1.1 million.