If you own a late-model Porsche, having work done is usually as easy as driving down to your dealership. Own a classic Porsche, especially something as exotic as a Porsche 959, and the “where to go for service or restoration” question gets a bit more difficult.

Enter Porsche Classics, a division of Porsche AG located just outside of Stuttgart, Germany. Porsche Classics exists to provide parts and service to owners of out-of-production Porsche models.

You won’t find any race cars at Porsche Classics, since its work is limited to road-legal models only. What you will find is a dizzying array of early Porsche models, in for tasks as mundane as basic service or as extensive as a rotisserie restoration.

While it’s probably not cost effective to ship your Porsche 356 from Des Moines, Iowa to Stuttgart, Germany, for a simple top-end rebuild, services offered by Porsche Classics become more justifiable as you go up in complexity.

Are you going to trust the rebuild of your 959’s engine to a local shop, or are you better off sending the car back to Porsche Classics for the work? Do you want a local body shop to attempt a complete restoration of your Porsche 550 Spyder, or would you rather pay a premium to know the work was completed by Porsche?

That’s not to say that other Porsche specialists aren’t capable of handling the work, but with Porsche Classics you know the work will be done to the exact specifications the car left the factory, possibly by the very workers that originally built the car. As the video points out, restorations done by Porsche Classics may even add resale value to a car.

In addition to service and restoration, Porsche Classics is also responsible for maintaining the parts inventory for any model 10 years out of production. With some 35,000 parts in stock, it’s likely that the company can supply virtually anything you’d need to keep a vintage Porsche running.