First launched in 2009 for buyers of the XFR and XKR, Jaguar's Performance Driving Academy is now open to all Jaguar owners and other driving enthusiasts, too. Two different courses, Basic and Advanced, will be offered at four different tracks this year.

As Jaguar North America's brand vice president puts it, "This program is designed to explore the capabilities of our most powerful and dynamic vehicles, with the goal of helping to develop the driving skills and techniques needed to securely achieve the limits of these high-performance cars."

The two courses are tiered, meaning you'll have to graduate from the Basic course (or another accredited driving school) to qualify for the Advanced school.

The Performance Driving Academy's Basic course includes a welcome reception the night before the 1-day event. Launch and maximum acceleration exercises, braking and ABS drills, emergency lane-changes, handling exercises in Dynamic Mode and with DSC off, cornering drills, autocross and slalom courses, and full track laps at speed with the driving coach, capped off with hot laps riding long with racing drivers comprise the day's activities.

The Advanced course builds on the skills learned, with threshold braking, high-speed cornering, skidpad work, a handling oval, and a low-speed handling course, before going off one-on-one with an instructor to get coaching and data feedback on improving their on-track performance.

Cars available to drive in the school include the XFR, XKR, XJ Supersport, and XKR-S. Pricing starts at $1,850 for the Basic course and $2,495 for the Advanced course.

The first stop is Texas Motor Speedway May 9-12, followed by Lime Rock Park September 11-14, Las Vegas Motor Speedway October 11-14, and finally Homestead Miami Speedway December 10-13. You can find out more about the school at the official website.