Ever wondered exactly what goes on at the Porsche Experience Centre at Silverstone? Wonder no more. And if you're not in the U.K., or not planning a trip there, rest easy: we're getting two of our own Experience Centers here in the U.S., complete with properly-ordered "e"s and "r"s.

In this five-pack of videos, you'll see some of the features of the Silverstone PEC, including a "Kick Plate" that sends the car into a tail-out slide, the Low Friction Surface that is self-explanatory, the Off Road Track for the SUVs in the bunch, the Handling Circuit, and the Ice Hill feature that simulates black ice on a seven-percent grade. Which one looks like the most fun to you?

Check out the videos. Then start saving up for the L.A. or Atlanta versions of the Porsche Experience. Oh, and a Porsche, too, if you don't already have one.