When you hit the lottery jackpot, or land that mid-six-figure bonus, what’s the very first sedan you’re going to buy? Notice that we didn’t say “car,” since we suspect that a coupe like the McLaren MP4-12C or the Ferrari 458 Italia would be atop the list.

As for sedans, the candidates would likely be the Maserati Quattroporte (too temperamental), the Cadillac CTS-V (too common), the Aston Martin Rapide (too expensive) or the BMW M5. Actually, there isn’t much of a decision to be made.

For nearly three decades, BMW’s M5 has been the standard-bearer for fast sedans with razor sharp reflexes. The perennial Q-Ship, the M5 looks neither fast nor furious to casual observers, including those with badges and radar guns. As Alex Roy will tell you, there is no better ride for high-speed, cross-country hooliganism.

Now, thanks to the folks at M5 Post, you can work out the details of your 2013 BMW M5 sedan in the comfort of your own home, before you head down to the dealership to place your order. You’ll find the Order Guide, in PDF form, here.

If we were doing the ordering, we’d opt for Euro delivery with the Munich pickup, too. We doubt that we’d save much money, but who wouldn’t want to spend a few weeks touring Germany (and for that matter, the rest of Europe) in a new M5?

Tip ‘o the hat to Tom for the lead on this!