In Chinese, jinlong yufeng translates into “Golden Dragon in the Wind.” While that may seem to be an odd name for an Audi concept, it plays on 2012 being the Chinese year of the dragon. Coincidentally, 2012 is also the year that Audi will launch its Q3 crossover in the Chinese market.

What better way to introduce the product than with a concept tied to the year, built for recreationally oriented (i.e., young) buyers? The Audi Q3 jinlong yufeng is styled with a nod towards kitesurfing, in which participants attempt to harness the power of the wind for sport.

Mounted to the roof rack are two carbon-fiber kiteboards, and a specially designed kite pouch keeps the nylon kite safe in transit. The cargo floor liner also doubles as a pouch to stow wet or sandy items in transit.

A pair of “Audi Cam” cameras are stored in a specially designed compartment in the cargo area, and can be deployed on a surfer’s helmet or sail bar. Images captured are transmitted to the car via a WLAN connection, where they can then be sent via a paired phone to friends and family.

Under the hood lies Audi’s 2.5-liter, TFSI five-cylinder engine, good for 310 horsepower and mated to a seven-speed S tronic gearbox. The Q3 jinlong yufeng gets quattro all-wheel-drive, too, ensuring that you don’t get bogged down in the sand while unloading gear.

While the exterior isn’t quite gold, it is sprayed in Liuli Yellow, which Audi says “expresses a zest for life and high energy.” Accessory items, many of which are borrowed from the off-road package, are sprayed in matt quartz that’s built up to offer a textured surface. Flared wheel arches and stainless steel running boards are used to complete the look.

Inside, the jinlong yufeng gets an interior trimmed in contrasting black, gray and yellow. The instrument panel is topped in black leather, while instruments get aluminum accents. Seats are made of woven leather blended with interwoven yarn and accented by contrasting piping and stitching. Stainless steel mesh is used for decorative inlays throughout the interior, too.

Audi is showing the Q3 jinlong yufeng at this week’s Beijing Auto Show alongside the performance-oriented Q3 RS concept. While there’s no word on production of either model, the same auto show rules apply in Beijing as in Detroit; if enough customers say “build it,” Audi will be happy to comply with demand.