No this, Rolls doesn't see dead people. It's a Ghost that sees people wrapped in even more bespoke richness than the usual uber-sedan.

Or, as Rolls-Royce puts it in inimitably over-the-top fashion, Ghost Six Senses Concept is "a highly-bespoke luxury model that encapsulates the richness of experience that comes as standard with any Rolls-Royce and takes it to a new level of sensory indulgence."

Because there's not enough sensory indulgence in a standard Ghost. Or something like that.

Whatever the reason, however, the Six Senses Concept is undeniably luxurious, seeking to entertain all of the five sensory organs while providing a Rolls-born sixth that it sucks from the souls of its craftspeople--because after all, anyone can own a car; few can own the souls of those that made it.

So how does it engage the senses? For sight, the concept is painted in Carrara White pearl, wearing unique forged alloy wheels, coach doors, Walnut Burr veneer interior trim, and other bespoke touches to the cabin. Sound is evoked with a concept audio system with a set of special "exciter" speakers in the headliner. Aroma comes from the rich scent of the leather, and the "woody spice" of the walnut veneer. Taste is from the drink's compartment, where champagne can be cooled, then served with the included flutes. Finally, the sense of touch is stimulated with the textures of the materials, including lambswool rugs and a lambswool trunk liner, the supple leathers, and the sleek chromes and woods.

The Rolls-Royce Ghost Six Senses Concept is on display at the 2012 Beijing Auto Show, and while it's not headed to production--which is the eternal foe of bespoke, after all--it does offer a look at what a well-heeled Ghost buyer might have done for their own car.