Last week we brought you footage from Japan’s Car Nifty TV, showing the initial run of Ferrari’s 599XX Evolution at the Suzuka circuit. Despite a wet track and torrential rains, the cars looked impressively quick, which comes as no surprise since the 599XX Evo is quicker around Fiorano than the Ferrari FXX.

Ferrari has released official video of the 599XX Evolution, although we’ll warn you in advance that the insipid background music drowns out much of the cars’ sound. We know we’re flogging a dead horse here, but no one wants to hear generic rock guitar in the background when they can hear a Ferrari V-12 on song, instead.

The Ferrari 599XX Evolution was created to commemorate the end of Ferrari 599 GTB production. Based on the existing 599XX, the Evolution variant gets an active aerodynamics package that adjusts downforce to optimize grip in corners, yet reduce drag on straights.

The Evolution also gets a boost in output to 740 horsepower, while weighing in at 77 pounds less than the 599XX.

As with the Ferrari FXX and FXX Evolution, the cars are maintained and stored by Ferrari in between track events, as part of the automaker’s “Corsa Clienti” program. Officially for research and development, the program gives owners of Ferrari’s fastest, track-based cars the ability to simply arrive and drive at a given venue.