The Ferrari 599XX Evolution made its debut at December's Bologna Motor Show, and now the purpose-built race car has taken its first at-speed laps of Japan’s Suzuka circuit. As the video clearly shows, pouring rain (and standing water) didn’t stop Ferrari from putting the car through its paces.

As Japan’s Car Nifty TV, via Carscoop, reports, the test of the 599XX Evolution came as part of Ferrari Racing Days, which also included Ferrari Challenge Trofeo Pirelli races and events for Ferrari 599XX and vintage F1 car owners.

In case you’re not familiar with the Ferrari 599XX Evolution, it’s a faster and more powerful version of the track-only 599XX. The Evolution gets a jump in output to 740 horsepower, compared to the 599XX’s 720 hp. Other modifications include weight savings of 77 pounds and an active rear wing that can self-adjust to provide additional grip in corners.

According to Ferrari, the 599XX Evolution can lap the Fiorano circuit in 1:15, which makes it a full second faster around the track than the Enzo-based FXX. A street-legal 599 GTO has lapped Ferrari’s test track in 1:24, while the standard 599 GTB does it in just over 1:26.