2012 Volvo S60 TTA race car

2012 Volvo S60 TTA race car

Volvo announced last August that it was leaving the Scandinavian Touring Car Championship where it had semi-successfully raced its C30 hatchback, and instead would start competing in the rival Swedish Racing Elite League by TTA.

Today, the automaker has unveiled its new race car for the 2012 TTA season, which is based on its popular S60 sedan.

At the unveiling, Alexander Murdzevski, Volvo’s director of motorsport in Sweden, said, “We have had a big pressure on us from many curious Volvo enthusiasts as it is a new championship and a new racing car. That is why we chose to reveal the car now. Our final team colors are going to be shown later, but this is our S60 in TTA racing specification.”

Together with its motorsport partner Polestar, Volvo will be running a total of four race cars through two different teams, Volvo Polestar Racing and Volvo Polestar Performance. Three of four drivers are confirmed, Robert Dahlgren, Fredrik Ekblom and Thed Björk. The fourth driver has not yet been named.

Volvo is keen to stress that the fairness of the series was one of its main motivations for joining. TTA is going to feature silhouette touring cars with a common 3.5-liter V-6 engine and KERS. Peak output is capped at 420 horsepower, with drive strictly going to the rear wheels via a six-speed sequential gearbox with paddle shifters.

The first leg of the 2012 TTA season commences on May 12 at Karlskoga, Sweden. Volvo is signed up for the series until 2015.