Rumors of a BMW 1-Series wearing a GT body style have been circulating since 2009. Meant as a competitor to the upcoming Mercedes-Benz B-Class and the Audi A2, 1-Series GT models are expected to be a cross between a hatchback and a traditional station wagon, along the lines of BMW's current 5-Series GT and upcoming 3-Series GT.

They’ll also be BMW’s first front-wheel-drive cars, prompting the automaker to shuffle its product lines. What we now know as the 1-Series will become the 2-Series, and the new 1-Series cars will slot in below the 2-Series in both size and price.

BMW Blog is reporting that the 1-Series GT will actually debut at this October’s Paris Motor Show. Citing a source close to the project, the website says that 1-Series GT models will be powered by a range of three and four-cylinder turbocharged engines.

Front wheel drive will be the base configuration, although BMW’s xDrive will be offered as an option. Hybrid variants are also planned, although it’s not clear if these will launch at the same time as base model 1-Series cars.

BMW is referring to the 1-Series GT as its “Compact Activity Tourer,” at least internally, and will market the car as a small crossover. Expect an elevated driving position (like the Nissan Rogue), despite the car’s compact size.

The 1-Series GT will reportedly hit dealerships in 2014, and will be the first of several front-drive 1-Series offerings from BMW.