So you're out for a track day at Willow Springs in your Cobra replica, a fresh $14,000 engine in the car and the sun shining. You get the car up to 130 mph on the straight, then all of a sudden you're cartwheeling through the air, praying for life and watching the car self-destruct as it tumbles through the dirt. That's your day if you're this guy.

Fortunately, he survived his massive off with nothing but a bruised knee and ribs. While those are sure to be painful for a while, things could have ended up far worse. The Cobra, as storied a racing history as it has, isn't anything like a modern roadster in terms of durability or crash-worthiness--and this one wasn't outfitted with much in the way of a roll bar, with no cage in sight. The driver apparently didn't even have arm restraints in the car; at one point it looks like he's doing a handstand, with the whole car above him.

Take this as yet another example of the darker side of the sport so many of us love, and how things can go very, very wrong in an instant, even without any car-to-car contact or driver error.

Hat tip to Bob S.!