We're not exactly sure where or when this happened, but it appears to be somewhere in Russia during part of the Russian Touring Car Championship (RTCC). A street race lined with dozens of perilously low concrete curbs, hosting a full grid of hot little hatchbacks, something like what you see in the video above was almost bound to happen.

We doubt the driver of the #72 car saw it coming, though, at least not the way it unfolded--though he did an admirable (or very lucky) job of avoiding the crashed car in front of him.

Upon impact with the wall, it looks like the #61 car vaporized the radiator, and possibly fragged the transmission or engine block, as it sprayed fluids all over the #72 as it cartwheeled through the air. Still sitting on its side as the field comes back around a lap later, we can only hope the driver escaped without any serious injury--and that the race's hosts will design some safer barriers for next season.

Thanks for the tip, Dan!