If you own a newer BMW equipped with the on-board navigation system, and you subscribe to the Convenience Plan level of BMW Assist, here’s some good news for you: BMW Online now enables your car to Yelp.

If you meet the above tech-savvy criteria, chances are good that you already know we’re not talking about your car barking like a chihuahua. Instead, we’re talking about the Yelp application, which can be used to search for local businesses, restaurants and services, and even displays reviews where applicable.

Yelp is the first application available through BMW Online, and equipped owners will find it on their car’s “Applications” screen. Yelp will allow a category search for restaurants, shopping, nightlife, banks and more, and will display results sorted by both distance from current location and by the merchant’s star rating.

Yelp also gives you contact information for the business, its address and information about the reviews submitted, and these details can be e-mailed to yourself or to someone else. If you want to hear reviews on your way to a new restaurant (not always a good idea), Yelp will read you the last three reviews via BMW Assist.

The service is available on 2009 and newer Z4, 1-Series, 3-Series and 7-Series vehicles;  2010 and newer 5-Series, 6-Series, X5 and X6 models, and 2011 and later X3 crossovers.