While supercar crashes are nothing new, last week was a particularly bad week for Ferrari fans across the globe. We reported the destruction of 11 Ferraris in a mere five days. Now let's take a look back at the carnage. Please, hold the tears until the end.

First on our Ferrari destruction world tour is the 14 luxury car pile-up in Japan. The mess of a situation claimed the souls of eight Ferraris in one foul swoop. Authorities report the accident was caused when one Ferrari driver lost control when switching lanes and bounced off the median into the path of oncoming traffic. Thankfully, no one was seriously injured.

Next on our world tour of Ferrari destruction is the story of a Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano burning to the ground in Dubai. The story goes that the driver was cruising down the road when smoke began pouring out from under the hood. The driver was able to stop the car in time for both occupants to exit the vehicle, before it became a raging fireball.

Ferrari 458 Italia crashes in UK

Ferrari 458 Italia crashes in UK

Of course we can't leave out the Ferrari 458 Italia that ran off the road in the U.K. ending nose-first in the ditch. Unfortunately, no other details were reported. Though, from the picture we can tell it was somewhat snowy, so slick roads might have contributed to the crash.

Last but not least in our Ferrari destruction coverage is the Ferrari F430 that suddenly caught fire while being driven down the highway in Houston, Texas. While we are unable to confirm it, the F430 in question might be a hardcore Scuderia model. It was reported that the driver was able to escape the flaming carnage without any major injuries.

While we can't be sure if last week was the absolute worst week in history for Ferrari fans, it had to be darn close. Here's to hoping this week involves less supercar carnage.

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