Distracted driving is bad, mmmkay? Driving tired is no better, and any time you spend with your eyes off the road is time taken away from reacting in a potentially life-threatening scenario.

Carmakers have been on the case for a few years now, with technology aimed at minimizing distracted driving and assisting you if you're not fully paying attention.

Now, says Engadget, eye-tracking experts at Tobii are developing more sophisticated technology that ensures you aren't sneakily Tweeting or worse, nodding off at the wheel.

The system can track the eyes of the user and can even scan them through glasses or sun shades, and the data could be calibrated with other bits of in-car tech to ensure you give the road more attention than your cellphone.

Tobii wants to make sure the system is "reliable and robust", so it doesn't constantly bug you every time you take your eyes off the road, but picks the moments when you really might need it.