If you love road trips like we do, you know this as fact: long days behind the wheel take their toll on you. Driving may seem like a simple task, but eight or ten hours behind the wheel of your average sedan can leave you both physically tired and mentally drained.

Try the same stint in a track-oriented sports car, and the results will only be worse. That’s why we’re paying close attention to Nissan’s recently announced anti-fatigue seat, which the Japanese automaker claims can reduce fatigue by up to 50 percent.

As Britain’s Whatcar? explains, the seat is designed to give more support than conventional auto seats, from the driver’s pelvis to his chest. It reduces pressure on the spine and improves blood flow, so Nissan is calling it the “comfortable seat with spinal support.”

Clearly Nissan’s marketing department hasn’t had a say in the seat’s naming, but if it works as claimed we don’t care what it’s called. Nissan says the seats will debut in both Nissan and Infiniti vehicles next year, and will be available in both cloth and fabric versions. Unlike the smartphone controlled, custom-tailored automotive seats announced by Faurecia, Nissan's seats will be used in cars that most of us can afford.

We’ve driven plenty of vehicles equipped with “uncomfortable seats lacking spinal support,” so we’re anxious to give Nissan’s new seats a try. They won’t improve our lap times, but they may well make the drive to and from the track more relaxing.