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In 2009 Aston Martin made the bold decision to launch a minicar based on the humble Toyota iQ, a decision that resulted in the Cygnet minicar that went on sale recently in Europe.

While at first the news seemed preposterous, with governments across the globe introducing strict new fuel economy and emissions regulations it quickly became clear Aston Martin’s decision was one based on necessity rather than desire.

Now Jaguar is considering launching a minicar of its own, as revealed by company design boss Ian Callum. Speaking with What Car? this week at the 2011 Los Angeles Auto Show, Callum said there was room in the market for a premium small car.

“'It would be a high-end small car for city use,” he said.  

However, while it would compete in a similar segment to affordable minicars, Jaguar’s small car wouldn’t be cheap. It wouldn’t necessarily be a hatchback, either, with Callum suggesting that a coupe or even a small sedan were possible.

Of course, such a vehicle would need a sound business case before being approved, and Callum was also quick to point out that it will still need to feel like a Jaguar in terms of refinement levels and luxury.

With comments like that it’s safe to say Jaguar won’t likely be asking parent company Tata if it can rebadge a Nano--thank god.