2009 Ferrari California

2009 Ferrari California

It’s been a while since we least heard about Ferrari’s entry-level model, the California convertible, but nevertheless sales of the car have been humming along nicely since its launch a few years ago.

Last year the model accounted for a staggering 46 percent of Ferrari’s sales, which equates to around 3,000 cars, and the year before it the number stood at 33 percent of Ferrari’s total sales volume.

The California looks set to be the most popular Ferrari this year too but that sales success hasn’t stopped Ferrari from planning some upgrades for the car, with a new report suggesting there could be more power on the cards for the coming model year.

British magazine CAR, citing some dealer sources, has reported that a more powerful and lighter California will enter production from January of next year, which means we could see the car unveiled as early as next month’s 2011 Los Angeles Auto Show.  

The changes are expected to include an additional 30 horsepower strung out from the car’s 4.3-liter V-8, bringing the new total to 483 horsepower. Torque, too, is expected to rise to 373 pound-feet. Look for the increases to be brought about by a revised exhaust manifold and some new ECU tuning.

Weight saving mods are likely to include the use of aluminum instead of steel for certain components, netting a saving of around 66 pounds.

Of course, with more power and less weight, you can bet the car’s performance numbers will improve also.

Other changes said to be appearing on the updated car include a larger hard drive for the entertainment system, and a new Handling Pack with faster adjusting magnerheological shock absorbers.

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