Silverlit Ferrari Enzo Bluetooth RC

Silverlit Ferrari Enzo Bluetooth RC

No, we're not talking about the upcoming Enzo successor.

And no, Ferrari's hardest street car won't be getting a lock/unlock smartphone app (as far as we know).

This here is the Silverlit Ferrari Enzo Toy Car that we came across on Chip Chick.

It's a remote-controlled car that eliminates one of two standard components of the average RC car--the remote. Instead, the high-tech Enzo is controlled via an app that's compatible with all Apple iOS-powered devices.The phone controls the car via Bluetooth.

The iOS aspect of the car isn't just a way to cash in on the buzz and trendiness of smartphones, it actually increases the functionality. Instead of just the forward, backward and turn functions that you get with your typical antenna-fied remote, you can leverage gesture sensors of your iPhone or iPad in controlling speed, steering, and head, hazard and turning lights.

Your phone will also turn into a virtual dashboard and will provide the sounds and vibrations of a revved up car. It's kind of a cross between a racing game and a physical RC car.

For those of you that don't like the Ferrari Enzo...what are you doing reading this, first off...but, second off, Silverlit also offers other vehicles in its Blue Sky Series, including a helicopter. And Christmas time is coming up, so whether you're looking for something to buy or receive, this could be the ticket.

Each vehicle will be available for the 2011 holiday season and will cost around $80.