The idea of being able the track the production of your car is nothing new. BMW does this with the X3, and General Motors will even let die-hard Corvette fans build up their own Z06 or ZR1 engine (for a price).

Chrysler, on the other hand, is the first mainstream automaker we’re aware of that will allow customers to track the production of their Chrysler, Jeep, Dodge or Ram new vehicle purchase. Tracking isn’t the same thing as watching your car or truck being built, but it’s still better than phoning the dealer every few weeks to ask “is it in yet?”

Here’s how the program works: new car buyers give their name and e-mail address to the dealer salesperson, who will advise of the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN), once assigned. Once production has been scheduled, buyers can log into the specific Chrysler Group Vehicle Order Tracking System (VOTS) website to check the status of their build.

The various stages that can be tracked include Frame, Paint, Trim, Final Inspection, Shipment and Delivery. If you don’t care to check the daily progress of your new car’s build, Chrysler will still send you emails confirming your order, advising when production has been scheduled and letting you know when your new baby ships from factory to dealer.

Chrysler sees their new tracking system as a first stage of what will be possible in the future. Updates will give buyers pop up messages on things like production delays, and as The Car Connection points out, it may eventually be possible to see your specific vehicle go from a collection of spare parts to a completed vehicle.