Recently, news broke that Lexus had established a crack team of flying doctors to respond to its European LFA owners whenever something went wrong with their expensive machinery.

On hand 24/7, these so called flying doctors would fly out and fix the stranded LFAs or put the owner up in a five-star hotel (or provide an interim GS 450h if they were in a hurry) should the car need to be taken back to a proper service center and worked on overnight.

When contacted, a spokesman for Lexus said the reports were “definitely wrong,” although he said the customers would be aided by the best means reasonably possible.

That doesn’t mean the concept of a flying doctor service for pricey supercars is completely unfounded, however.

Lamborghini has a service team that will fly to a special center in Seattle, not far from the recently established Automobili Lamborghini Advanced Composite Structures Laboratory (ACSL), where they will attempt to fix any damage that occurs to the new Aventador’s complex carbon fiber components.

However, unlike the reported Lexus flying doctors, Lamborghini’s team requires any damaged Aventadors to be shipped to the Seattle center first.