While closest rival Ferrari persists it will never build a four-door model, Lamborghini is set to launch a new ‘everyday’ car and is now reportedly planning a successor to its LM002 SUV from the 1980s as well. Though there’s been talk of a new Lambo SUV in the past, the Italian marque’s closer integration with the Volkswagen Group, including access to its bevy of platforms and engineering economies of scale, helps make the possibility of such a model being produced all the more likely.

The key is a new rear-wheel drive platform being developed by Porsche for its next-generation Panamera. This platform, which is also rumored to underpin a four-door coupe for Bentley and a new Audi A9 flagship sedan, is being designed from the group up to be flexible enough to accommodate both sedan and SUV bodystyles.

For Porsche it would be used for the next-generation Panamera and Cayenne, for Audi, the A9 and a new Q7, while for Lamborghini it would be used for a production version of the Estoque concept car and the new SUV. You may recall that Volkswagen announced late last year that Porsche would now be responsible for the engineering of the Group’s new sports cars and luxury sedans.

Another reason Lamborghini would be keen to launch an SUV of its own is the edge it will give the automaker over Ferrari.

“Ferrari can’t follow into this market, because it has no links to SUVs at all,” an inside source revealed to Auto Express, referring to the LM002.

If built, the new Lambo SUV would help boost sales for the marque in markets such as Russia, China and India, where poor road conditions are turning off potential buyers of the brand’s low-slung supercars. The move mirrors Aston Martin’s own plans to launch a new high-end sedan and crossover model under its Lagonda brand to help establish more sales in the mentioned markets.

Unfortunately, a release date is likely to be years away.


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