A few weeks ago we first reported on plans for a new Audi A9 four-door coupe that would sit atop the automaker’s lineup as a technical masterpiece and challenge other high-end models like the Mercedes-Benz CL and upcoming BMW 6-Series Gran Coupe.

Of course, the chances of a bespoke A9 flagship getting the green light from Audi senior management would be next to nil for such a niche product--unless there were other models to share its platform.

This immediately led to speculation that the A9 could also spawn a production version of the Lamborghini Estoque concept car, a vehicle that has long been hinted at for production.
Now, the guys at AutoExpress are reporting that Audi is backing the development of the new A9 and that it could spawn a production version of the Estoque, a model Lamborghini certainly could do with in its lineup.

One source at Audi confirmed: “Designing a supercar from a clean sheet of paper is one thing, but a limousine that people will drive to work every day... well, that’s a different thing, and Lamborghini doesn’t have the resources to do it by itself.”

If built, the Lamborghini sedan is expected to be offered with either a V-10 or V-12 engine and all-wheel drive will almost certainly be standard.


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