We don’t know what the driver of this sorry-looking Ferrari F430 Spyder was doing when he flipped the car over but it’s safe to assume that some speeding was involved. The crash took place in Lichtervelde, Belgium on a quiet Thursday morning and is thought to have been caused by a busted tire.

We’re thinking the driver was going too fast on what appears to be a very shoddy stretch of road, but the investigation is still ongoing. Thankfully, the driver was able to walk away though the anguish of wrecking such a fine automobile is sure to keep him suffering. 

Perhaps on his next car the owner of this Ferrari F430 will be ditching the ‘666-EVL’ number plate in favor of something new.

Incidentally, this whole thing kind of reminds us this Lamborghini Murcielago Roadster that ended upside down in South Africa.

[Car Spotting via Autoblog.nl]