Some Citroën C3 Picasso models can be braked to a screeching halt by the passenger.

And while that might sound right if it were say, a driver's ed car, it isn't.

According to BBC News, the Picasso is now under recall in the U.K., after the network reported a 'passenger brake' issue, in which a passenger could inadvertently engage brake hardware beneath the floor—leading to an unexpected stop so hard, according to the BBC, that the vehicle might not have the power to move forward.

Turns out, in the affected vehicles (up to 20,000 of them), the braking mechanism for this model, which is made in both left-hand-drive and right-hand-drive forms, is "only covered with a thin piece of felt" on the passenger side, according to the Beeb.

Citroën will be providing a fix, free of charge, of course, to better isolate the mechanism from passengers' feet.

According to Citroën, there hadn't been any reports of the issue before the BBC exposed it for its Watchdog investigation segment. But if you have a C3 Picasso we'd advise that you probably won't want to put your mischief-prone teenage kid in the passenger seat.