Mercedes-Benz is already a pillar of style on the highways, why not in the airways? After all, a personal helicopter is more of a luxurious accessory than even the fanciest automobile.

Mercedes-Benz Style, the design and lifestyle arm of the automaker, debuted the EC145 helicopter at the European Business Aviation Convention & Exhibition 2011 (EBACE) in Geneva this week. The helicopter was built by Eurocopter and outfitted by the Mercedes-Benz Advanced Design Studio located in Como, Italy.

"We are very pleased to have realized the first product of ‘Mercedes-Benz Style' with Eurocopter," Prof. h.c. Dr. Gorden Wagener, head of design at Mercedes-Benz, said in a statement. "The interior design of the EC145 Mercedes-Benz Style helicopter represents the classic passion of the Mercedes-Benz design language and fulfills the very highest expectations in terms of elegance, luxury and comfort."

Mercedes' design team sought to outfit the chopper's interior with a comfortable, luxurious cockpit befitting the noblest, most fashionable of executives. Deluxe materials, wood appointments and ambient lighting borrowed from the S- and E-Class provide for an enjoyable trip.

Perhaps more importantly, the helicopter is a versatile bird, offering adjustable and removable seats and a flexible storage area with various anchor options. In other words, you can fly into Davos for the World Economic Forum in the morning and be skiing the Alps by afternoon--all in the style and comfort of a true Mercedes-Benz.

The EC145 was introduced as a concept last year. The production version shown was sold to a European corporate operator.


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