We’ve lost count of how many Ferrari 458 Italia supercars have been lost, either due to fire or from their owner’s own carelessness, but it’s safe to say that at least one of the sultry supercars has been lost each and every month since the car was first launched back in late 2009.

The latest crash involved a right-hand drive example in the UK and appears to be quite serious. Full details are yet to come in but it’s believed the car crashed into the rear of a truck at high speed.

Due to the low ride-height of the Ferrari, the car piled up underneath the truck almost half way up its length and managed to mangle most of the roof. Rescuers needed to pare away most of the roof as well just to free the driver, who fortunately survived.

Ferrari 458 Italia crashes in the UK

Ferrari 458 Italia crashes in the UK

We just hope other 458 Italia owners reading this will all drive a little bit more carefully from now on. For full details on the Ferrari 458 Italia, click here.

[via GTSpirit]