SMS Supercars is close to fully unveiling its next line of hopped-up Mustangs, but the company showed off a preview in California at the Fabulous Fords show over the weekend.

There will be three flavors, or "labels," when the new line is fully introduced.

The White Label is the base package, and it includes a re-programmed powertrain control module that bumps horsepower to 440, a sport suspension, an upgraded exhaust, and upgraded exterior and interior trim bits. Including destination and doc fees, this package comes to $35,540.

The Yellow Label adds a SMS supercharger and 19-inch wheels and tires. Horsepower is 545, and the car is priced at $45,540.

Finally, the Black Label adds SMS' S4 suspension system, a full leather upgrade to the interior, and a full SMS body kit, among other goodies. Opting for the supercharger will get you 575 ponies and set you back around $58,000. Stay naturally aspirated, and you get the car for around $48,000.

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