You won’t be able to actually buy one until 2012 at the earliest but to keep your interest piqued the guys at Maranello have launched a new configurator for the latest Ferrari FF supercar. Like most online configurators, the new setup for the Ferrari FF allows you to deck out the car with virtually every option available so that you can arrive at your ideal arrangement.

Potential customers can select from two main categories, Exterior and Interior, each of which are divided into more sub-categories. Suffice it to say, Ferrari fans could easily spend countless hours on this site. Some of the options include color, wheels and aerodynamic aids.

Once you’re set with your perfect FF, you're then just a few clicks away from saving all the information, either to send to your nearest Ferrari dealer or simply to compare with your friends’ configurations or more of your own.

Click here and start building your dream Ferrari FF now, and for more information on the car, click here.